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Prabha Ki Diary S2 Part 1 (2021) (ULLU) Web Series

PRABHA KI DIARY S2 ULLU Cast & Crew Previous Next Anupama Prakash Pamela Mondal Dinesh Soni Ranveer Chahal Maninee De Previous Next Prabha is lead character of this web series who wrote the story of her unsatisfied married life and others like to her. When Prabha stops Saba begins to write dairy on her and […]Read More

Size Matters Session 2 (2020) (ULLU) Web Series Cast, All

Size Matters 2 ULLU Cast & Crew Previous Next Ravi Bhatia Shikha Sinha Previous Next Aarohii want aadi’s love. for that she do anything and others are taking advantage of her. story on people mindset on size of boay parts .Story on society’s strange and fake imposition. Size Matters 2 ULLU Web Series Cast Ravi […]Read More

INNOCENT 2020 ( Part 2 ) (ULLU) Web Series Cast,

Innocent Part 2 ULLU Cast & Crew Previous Next Joanna Robaczewska Marina Kuwar Mayur Verma Marina Kuwar Previous Next “Bhola” has mastered his game. Greed for money and endless lust that too untamed. Watch “INNOCENT” Part II: An engrossing discord between self indulgence and righteousness. Innocent Part 2 ULLU Web Series Cast Joanna Robaczewska ( […]Read More

Call Center Part 2 2020 ( Part 2 ) (ULLU)

Call Center Part 2 ULLU Cast & Crew Previous Next Shiny Dixit Sachin Khurrana Swati Sharma Twinkle Vashisht Previous Next In this series Four wildly different tales cross path at the whims of fate, struggling for desires and wishing a ray of hope for their mates.In this series Swati Sharma ( Rashmi ), Sonia Singh ( […]Read More

Kasak ( Part 2 ) (ULLU) Web Series (2020) Cast,

Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 2 ULLU Cast & Crew Previous Next Reema Worah Sharhaan Singh Taniya Chatterjee Aditya Kumar Vineet Raina Minissha lamba Ihana Dhillon Priya Marathe Previous Next Sheetal – happy go lucky soul, dreadfully ailing numb and immobile on a hospital bed for last 37 years. Unfading hope for justice kept her alive. […]Read More