Khuda Haffiz Hotstar Movie(2020) cast, release date, watch Movies online

 Khuda Haffiz Hotstar Movie(2020) cast, release date, watch Movies online

Khuda Haffiz Movie Cast & Crew

Khuda Hafiz was a Thriller movie in which Vidyut as Sameer and Shivaleeka as Nargis have got engaged with each other. It was a Hindu–Muslim arrange marriage . But after their marriage Nargis wanted to complete her studies so she had got admission in out of country called Noman .But after reaching their she was been involved in abuse work.After not having contact till one week Sameer goes to the travel goes to travel agent and ask about his wife but by not getting information he rushed to the Noman country to find  Nargis and gets help of Indian Embassy.And at one attempt he was able to find Nargis at flesh trade but the people of that work knew and they started to kill Sameer but anyhow Sameer ran from their and tried to departed Nargis but cant.And the twist came when one officer was already involved with this flesh trade people but due to help of Indian embassy he gets Nargis and returned to Lucknow. And in all this work  Usman a driver of taxi in Noman helped Sameer.


This movie is about how due to scam admission advertise the people send students to other countries and then make them do prostitute work and also send them to other countries.


Khuda Haffiz Movie Cast

  • Vidyut Jammwal as Sameer Chaudhary, Nargis's husband.
  • Shivaleeka Oberoi as Nargis Rajput Choudhary, Sameer's wife.
  • Annu Kapoor as Usman Hamid Ali Murad, a taxi driver in Noman.
  • Shiv Panditt as Faiz Abu Malik.
  • Aahana Kumra as Tamena Hamid, ISA.
  • Vipin Sharma as Nadeem, an agent and employee at Ansaar Overseas Recruitment.

Movie Information

  •  The Director of Khuda Hafiz was Farukh Kabir.
  • The country of this movie was India.
  • The distributor ote movie Khuda Hafiz was Disney +Hostar Vip.
  • The Language of this movie was Hindi.
  • The release date of this movie is on 14 August 2020.
  • The Genres of this movie is Thriller movie.

Khuda Hafiz Movie Release Dates

Khuda Hafiz is a movie which is going to be re;eased on 14 august 2020.In this Vidyut Jammwal and Shivaleeka Oberoi.You show watch this movie its a one time watch movie. This movie had taken us to another country called Noman in which Nargis was been kidnapped from the airpot.And then the real story starts.

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